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"A bushranger's life is wretched and miserable. There is constant fear of capture and the least noise in the bush is startling. There is no peace day or night." - Matthew Brady, bushranger (Tasmania) 1799 - 1826

Bushrangers marked with an * indicates brief notes about them.


The Ballad of Ben Halls Gang anonymous

The Streets of Forbes Jack McGuire (Jack McGuire was Ben Halls' Brother-in-law)

The Death of Ben Hall Will.H.Ogilvie

Brave Ben Hall anonymous

Maids of The Mountains -anonymous

(about gang member O'Meally's sisters exploit)


'The Darkie'

Frank Gardiner anonymous

A Ballad said to be written by Frank Gardiner

A West country Ballad anonymous

The Fierce and Bloody Battle of The Weddin Mountains (author'Damphool Jnr')

The Morning of The Fray author Frank Gardiner

The Bloody Fields of Wheogo anonymous


'Flash Jack'

John Gilbert was a Bushranger anonymous

How Gilbert Died A.B. (Banjo) Paterson



Bold Jack Donahoe-Poem anonymous

Bold Jack Donahoe-Ballad Anonymous

Bold Jack Donahoe (3) anonymous

The Wild Colonial Boy anonymous - This was a popular song at the time but was banned by the Authorities so the name in the poem was changed

Brave Donahue anonymous

John Donahue And His Gang by Jack Donahue

Old Ireland Lies Groaning anonymous


Frederick Ward

A Days Ride anonymous

Untitled Verse anonymous


William John Owen

The Death of Morgan anonymous

Over The Border -anonymous

Morgan Edward harrington


Robert Cotterell

Featherstonhaugh* Barcroft Boake


William Westwood

Bushrangers Kenneth Slessor


'Scotchie McPherson'

or 'Apin McPherson'

James McPherson was another bushranger who turned his hand to writing poetry. He wrote under the name of 'Poor Jim'.

Freedom of a Contract Flag (extract) 'Poor Jim'


Taking His Chance Henry Lawson

'Harry Power'*

Born Henry Johnson

Jack Power anonymous

A Nights Walk anonymous

Jack LeFroy

The Ballad Of Jack LeFroy anonymous


Captain Moonlite*

Lightning Jack anonymous

n.b. only parts of this song are known now, but I have included it so that what is known, does not get any further lost to time. It is believed to be about Captain Moonlight.

James and Patrick Kenniff

The Kenniffs John Creevey


Wolf and Hound Adam Lindsay Gordon

Marion Lee Bernard Espinasse

The Price of a kiss Elise Espinasse

Those Bold Bushrangers anonymous -this poem makes reference to bushrangers who I already have notes on. Two others mentioned are Paisley and Manns

Trooper Campbell Henry Lawson

The Mystery Man "N.Q."

The Death of Halligan Alexander Forbes

In The Stable A.B.(Banjo) Paterson

Conroy's Gap A.B.(Banjo) Paterson

There's Whisky in The Jar anonymous

Six-Foot-Three Alexander McLeod

Jim Jones anonymous


'The Poet Convict'

Suffolks Poems are in chronological order.

The Prison Poet S.H.Wintle

Untitled Song Owen Suffolk - This is the first song he wrote. He was homeless, and penniless and this was his first attempt at 'busking' for a living.

Untitled song Owen Suffolk - This song was written on his release from his first prison term - at Coldbath-fields Prison England.

Untitled Poem Owen Suffolk - After his release, he returned to visit his old boarding school. He wrote this song that night.

Untitled Poem Owen Suffolk - This poem he wrote to his mother after she implored him to return home and resume his studies.

The Prison Bell Owen Suffolk - Once more imprisoned. He wrote this verse in Molgate penitentiary

The Battle Of Life Owen Suffolk - This poem was written after he was released from serving a prison term for which he had been transported to Australia. He was employed as a teacher at the time.

Untitled poem - Owen Suffolk - Suffolk again found himself in prison in Australia. A prison mate of his was Frank Gardiner. He wrote this verse for Frank Gardiner.

Untitled Poem Owen Suffolk - The following verse was written while he was in solitary confinement at Cockatoo Island

My Memory's Care Owen Suffolk - After his release, he teamed up with Christy and Dowling, and together they held up the Melbourne Mail coach. The next night he treated himself to a night at the theatre with some his share of the proceeeds. He wrote this verse after his night out.

The Dream of Freedom Owen Suffolk - He was duly captured, tried and sentenced for his part in the robbery. This following poem was written from his jail cell.

Untitled Verse - Owen Suffolk - Shortly after he was promoted to prison clerk. Every morning a young woman, Alice, walked through his office on the way to the prison Governors house. She never spoke to him. One day a book was left on his desk by mistake, and he wrote this poem for her and put it into the book before giving it to her one morning.

Untitled Verse Owen Suffolk - A clandestine correspondence began between them. One time Alice said she thought he was after fame rather than love. He replied with this poem.

I Feel That I Am Free Owen Suffolk - After being released from prison, one day he penned these words when overcome with the joy of freedom.

Untitled Poem Owen Suffolk - Again in jail this verse was written while he was a prisoner on a hulk at Melbourne. He penned this verse after hearing a child on deck playing.

The Real And The Ideal Owen Suffolk - He didn't always see his life as gloomy, and at times aspired to a better future. He knew they were day-dreams though



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